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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We do have 2 new products that we will be manufacturing. 
1.  Our new Rebel Wire Gauge Harness -  Our universal gauge harness includes wiring for both sides, gauge panel and body harness.  This harness makes it easy to remove your gauges by simply unplugging the whole assembly.  All wires are labeled for easy identification.  Includes wires for gauge power, oil pressure, water temp, tachometer, fuel gauge, high beam indicator, left and right turn indicator, dash lights and grounds.  Also includes ring and spade terminals, butt connectors and heat shrink.
RETAIL   $79.95
2.  Universal add on Hazard Kit -   Similar to the older Ford setup.  A toggle switch that can be located in the glove box, or anywhere within 4 ft of the turn signal switch.  This can be used to add hazards to a car that didn't come with it, or to replace an expensive or defective factory hazard setup.
RETAIL  $39.95

Give us a call if you have any questions.  Both of these can be seen on our website -

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