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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all of the help that you provided over the phone throughout my dune buggy wiring project. I will concede, had I read and re-read your instructions more carefully I am sure that I could have limited the number of phone calls in search of help. When I took the job on, it was my first wiring job of that scope and size it was very intimidating. I have to say, the more that we talked and you helped the more that my confidence grew and my ability to reason out what would have been a potential problem and necessitate another phone call to you.

Your patience and expertise was very much appreciated. While I am reasonably sure that I could have eventually finished the job, your help no doubt saved me an enormous amount of time. Lastly, your harness was exactly as described, and you are correct that the “wire” that you guys use was very easy to use and the labeling was very easy to follow. I would highly recommend your product to anyone, coupled with your customer service; rebel wire easily exceeded my expectations.


Terry P.

Dryden Mi.