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Saturday, May 15, 2010


1954 CORVETTE WITH 32T AND 4 SPEED, 9" ford rear end, wiring - Rebel Wire 20 Circuit - owned by Karpo Murkijanian.

Other Car in garage, Mondello & Matsubara AA/FA restored by Pete Eastwood and Karpo Murkijanian. See article The Rodder's Journal #39 Winter 2008

Thursday, May 6, 2010


We have been getting a lot of calls about this wire.We now have it listed on our web site
TXL, GXL, AND SXL are all crosslinked polyethylene. All are almost as heat resistant as teflon, but cheaper and much tougher.

TXL For use in automotive applications where small diameter minimal weight is desirable.
For comparsion we will use 14ga wire.
19/27 strands, insulation thickness .016, temp range -51C to +125C
It is the thinnest and lowest cost of these three wires.

GXL This is pretty much the standard for most wire harness company's.
It has insulation thickness and cost between TXL and SXL.
19/27 strands, insulation thickness .023, temp range -51C to +125C

SXL This is the wire REBEL WIRE has chosen for our kits.
Provides higher reliability in heat resistance than conventional general wires due to
emission bridging, provides excellent abrasion protection with thicker insulation,
Improved resistance to cut through, deformation and chemical attack.
19/27 strands, insulation thickness .035, temp range -40C to +125C

We believe SXL to be the best choice of wire for a longer lasting, trouble free harness.
All wire used in REBEL WIRE kits is manufactured in USA.