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Thursday, June 3, 2010


With the help of 15-20 guys from, for Mike Meet to help out whith the build.
The car has gone through 4 different design phases since the inception. John Jaransen, a designer for Ford and VW enthusiast is responsible for all the drawings and the concept. We originally started with a closed cab sporting a Model A type of bed. Oncewe had the car cut and the bed partially assembled I didn't like the roof on the car and hated the idea of a Model A bed. Everyone uses a Model A bed so why not do something different.
By chance we had a set of Type 3 fenders sitting in the shop that day and held them up to the side of the bed and at that point, we changed the direction of the build. Off came the top and the T3 rear fenders were to be th basis of the bed.
Stay tuned for more on this fabulous custom.

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